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Natural heating panels for indoor use

Plezura is a unique range of infrared heating panels for indoor use. They provide a cost-efficient and energy-saving alternative to conventional heating systems. The panels are available in a wide range of designs, ensuring they can be fitted into any type of space, from domestic environments to professional work areas.

At Home

Where design meets comfort. Plezura creates a pleasant environment in every room of the house. Heating panels are available in white and black, or with a mirror surface.

At Work

Creating the right conditions for maximum productivity. Plezura provides offices, industrial workplaces, and public buildings with the perfect alternative to conventional heating systems.


Complying with the highest hygiene and health standards. Plezura heating panels are emission-free, anti-allergenic, and beneficial to the health of both patients and medical staff.

Four good reasons to Choose Plezura

1. A unique warming sensation

   Create a comfortable and healthy environment
  • Enjoy the warmth of the sun. Natural heating systems transfer the heat directly onto people and objects, creating a unique heating sensation.
  • Beneficial to your health. Infrared radiation stimulates the blood circulation and reduces humidity in buildings. Less air circulation means it is also anti-allergenic.
  • Emission-free heating. Natural heating panels are emission-free, meaning they are safe to use. Completely eliminates the risk of toxic emissions and open flames.

2. Saves energy

   A more efficient way of heating
  • Energy savings up to 50%. Infrared heating reduces energy consumption between 25 to 50% compared to conventional heating systems.
  • Good for your budget. Comfortable surroun-dings are achieved at much lower room temperatures, as the heat is absorbed directly.
  • Good for the environment. Saving energy means less greenhouse gas emissions. And when green electricity is used, Plezura natural heating panels are CO2 neutral.

Saves money

Minimal installation and maintenance costs
  • Easy to install. All you need to do is fix the panels to the wall or to the ceiling, and provide an electrical connection. No pipes, no drilling, no chimneys.
  • Maintenance-free. Plezura heating panels require no maintenance, because there are no moving parts, no burners, no filters, no fuel lines, …
  • Flexible re-use. The panels are easily moved, so you can take the panels with you when you change locations. This also makes it easier to re-arrange or re-decorate rooms.

Saves space

Give yourself more room to live and work
  • Optimal space efficiency. Plezura heating panels can be mounted on walls or ceilings and their sleek design creates extra space to live and work in.
  • Fits into any type of environment. Plezura heating panels are available in a wide range of sizes and combinations, blending in with every type of environment.

You can calculate the needed capacity yourself with our easy-to-use calculate document on our download page.

Technical specifications
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